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I have a friend who encouraged me to translate my writing and speaking into the lingo of the culture since he knows I like to write for the general public. I was raised going to church, with ways of talking “inside” our Christian culture. It shows, huh?

I admit I feel challenged because America is different now. He offered to arrange a “Listening Table” experience, which I would love to do. My vision and values from Christ are not subject to change but my way of communicating can and should, depending on my audience.

I picked up this next paragraph from author Kris Vallotton. He said their church’s belief in miracles makes them a target of criticism.

He said, “Let’s face it folks, the world has some doctrines that take a lot more faith to swallow than our (Christian) beliefs. They believe in creation with no Creator, in fetuses that aren’t people, and life with a purpose originated from a cosmic accident. It takes more faith to make God disappear than it does to live for Him.”

I’m like a stranger in a strange land, trying to learn their odd dialect. But I love them all despite a different way of talking, so I must try harder to communicate. If you care for a person you will want them to understand your words, right?

After all, when God wanted to communicate with us, He learned our language. He bent down low and became one of us, the God-man Jesus, so we could see His love in action. That way we wouldn’t fail to translate correctly the Word made flesh, Christ the Lord, born in a humble place at Christmas to show us the face of God.

Ron Wood is a writer, teacher, and minister. He is a graduate of Southeastern University with a degree in Missions. He and his wife have lived and worked in South Africa. They have served churches in the US including Assembly of God, Baptist, and Independent. His columns have appeared in newspapers for 25 years. He has been the host of radio talk shows and is the author of several books. He and his wife, Lana, have two adult children and six grandchildren. Many of his articles appear at www.touchedbygrace.org. Email: wood.stone.ron@gmail.com.

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