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The Book of Daniel in the Bible is filled with dates and details. Daniel wasn’t a myth but a historical figure. He was a prisoner in Iraq all of his adult life. He was taken from Jerusalem when Nebuchadnezzar invaded Israel in 605 BC. Daniel was still alive in Babylon when King Cyrus conquered it. Cyrus sent the Jews home to their Promised Land. Why? He was impressed with Israel’s God! Two of Israel’s prophets wrote about Cyrus before he was even born, telling how he would defeat Babylon.

This epic story was 2,500 years ago. The countries in the Middle East are still in turmoil, still in conflict with Israel. Ancient rivalries can’t explain all of the hate and enmity. From my studies, I think evil powers are stirring up strife and murder. The Bible calls these invisible powers, princes of darkness.

The idea that invisible spiritual beings can provoke irrational behavior isn’t new. Psychiatrist ­­M. Scott Peck in The Road Less Travelled wrote about people afflicted by evil. Ignoring this reality allows evil to incarnate itself in individuals, embed itself in cultures, while we patiently tolerate it.

After the carnage in Nice, France, Newt Gingrich said in a Fox News interview that he’s in favor of deporting all Muslims who believe in sharia law. Islam wants sharia law imposed all over the world. That tension produced a recent coup attempt in Turkey. Turkey used to be a secular nation that accommodated Muslims, but now it’s headed toward Islamism. Thousands were arrested. No wonder NATO resisted their entry!

Sharia law doesn’t respect women’s rights, other religions, or allow freedom of speech. Sharia destroys democracy. If Islam wins then sharia law will be imposed like it or not. It’s incompatible with western civilization or our Constitutional rule of law.

Gingrich spoke about ISIS like a man who was not feminized. Nor was he trying to be politically correct for the media. He was like an angry father who is seeing his children threatened by a wicked thug. His resolve should be the posture of our President. Our Constitution says the government exists first of all for the sake of the US citizens, to defend our nation and its welfare. In order to create peace, sometimes you have to make war. I think it’s time for the world to declare war on radical Islam. Outlaw it, confine it, then eliminate it.

Do you remember the great Gregory Peck movie, “To Kill a Mockingbird?” There was a scene in that classic movie of a rabid dog slowly approaching the home of a peaceful man named Atticus Finch. It shocked Scout, his young daughter, when Atticus raised his rifle and shot the dog dead.

That’s how you handle a rabid dog. It can’t be cured. One bite will kill you. There’s no such thing as a mild case of rabies. You can’t negotiate with it or ever have peace with it. Implacable evil, such as exists in ISIS, shows its victims no mercy. It shouldn’t be given any mercy, either.

I’m grateful for our US military and for America’s law enforcement. They are under attack now. Pray for them. Pray for all our leaders in authority. Pray for the right President to be elected. The Bible says that civil authority is good, ordained by God, and is meant to be armed. Agents of the law like our police officers are called God’s servants, sent to protect the innocent and punish the evil. They ought to be respected. (Rom. 13:1-10)

By contrast, ISIS embodies evil while using Islam to justify genocide. Its militants brutally kill children, boil soldiers alive, butcher peaceful Muslims, torture Christians, rape women, enslave girls, and take over villages or countries by force and intimidation.

In the Bible, the Lord had Joshua exterminate whole tribes in the Middle East. Why? They were like ISIS. The false gods had turned people into cruel baby killers. Where idolatry exists, where the gospel is absent, these lords of darkness – hateful demon spirits – will subjugate people.

If ISIS isn’t evil, what is? Dare to name it for what it is. For the sake of humanity, the world must stand up to this evil and do the right thing.

Ron Wood July 20, 2016

PS- I hope pastor Kyle Idleman (author of Not a Fan and Gods at War) doesn’t mind that I plugged his book. I used his book’s cover art that I found on Google images. Great author, by the way!

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