The Medal of Honor

Every soldier understands the Medal of Honor is for heroes. It’s an award of merit from Congress to US soldiers “for bravery above and beyond the call of duty.” This week I borrowed from the library, Sargent York, an old movie that’s an authentic part of America’s history. If you’ve never seen this movie, starring… Read More »


Three decades ago I began to write about fatherless families. Seeing all the AWOL men caused me to ask, “Where have all the fathers gone?” A decade or so ago, we studied and taught about women in the ministry. We saw prejudice in churches, so we researched biblical roles. Women on the Team was the result (now being… Read More »


Shock. Anger. Sadness. Outrage. All of these emotions rolled through me. A talented young Christian singer shot down in cold blood. A massacre by a Muslim killer who knew what he was doing. An alligator dragged a child away at Disneyworld. All within four days in Orlando. What is going on there? I’m praying for… Read More »


When it comes to outrageous sayings, little kids can trump us all. (No, I’m not going there.) Remember Art Linkletter? He interviewed children on his TV show, Kids Say the Darndest Things. It was huuuge! Art was a radio personality who switched to TV. Born in Canada, he immigrated, and became a U.S. citizen in 1942. I… Read More »


Do you believe in angels? The brilliant scholar, C.S. Lewis, began to turn toward Christianity because the Lord of the Rings author, J.R.R. Tolkien, asked him if he believed in ancient mythical beings, angels or demons. When my wife and I began serving as pastors of a small Baptist church in Florida, we had hopes… Read More »


This word about war came to me last December, at Mountain Home, AR. I was scheduled to preach at First Assembly on Dec. 13th. I drove into that city from Memphis, where I’d just been in a powerful prayer gathering with some apostles and prophets. As I drove, I realized the Lord was riding in my… Read More »